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When yoga, not admin, is the focus

This week’s interview is with Purya, owner of Purya Yoga in Scarborough

Purya’s long experience in yoga includes eight months in India and training with a guru in South Africa who started asana practice every morning at 4am. A graduate of the British Wheel of Yoga’s four-year course, she knows classic theory and can quote the ca 400CE text “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”. Her Purya Yoga classes focus on strength, balance, flexibility and--as she puts it--“holistic connection of mind, body and breath”.

Purya is a yoga teacher through and through. “What I want to do is spend my time teaching,” she says. She is not, she’ll readily admit, an accountant. “I don’t really want to spend my time organising bookings and taking payments and all that kind of stuff.”

Purya in pose

For full-time yoga teachers like Purya, the old way of managing classes—and, yes, revenue--can leave something to be desired.

“It’s what you’d expect,” she says. “People come to class and put their money in a tin.” Even when students do block-book, “it’s quite an administrative task to keep on top of that”. Alas, drop-in students don’t always show up as planned and “you don’t get paid, which is inconsistent. You don’t know where you’re at” in the accounting.

Purya has now settled in Scarborough and, with a young child and no time in the day to waste, she’s decided to be “more savvy” about managing classes and also marketing too.

“Obviously, marketing in this world, online, is highly important,” she says. “I could spend the next ten years studying that, but that’s not what I want to do. I want to teach. So it’s a relief to think that there are people out there that can just do it for me.”

Purya is registered on yogapp and is giving it a go!

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