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Teacher interview: Benita Glogowska

Teacher interview: Benita Glogowska

As a young student of ballet in Poland, Benita Glogowska developed strength and grace—both of which helped her when she later became a devoted practitioner of Vinyasa yoga.

Whether she credits the ballet or not, as a super-busy, full-time yoga teacher in London today she also applies some very fancy footwork.

Like a performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, life as an instructor keeps Benita leaping in every possible direction. She teaches at local leisure centres, yoga studios and corporate classes. She also rents her own venue. All in all, Benita teaches some 120 students across 15 classes every week. “It’s a spectrum,” she says cheerfully, without the slightest hint of exhaustion.

Benita teaches at several locations in East London including Barking

And there’s the marketing. When you visit the Benita Yoga website, you see a model of elegant simplicity that masks the hard work of promoting her own classes, some of which combine yoga with the healing sound of gongs. Benita has experimented with many other online platforms too, and found keeping her message consistent across the channels a Herculean task. “If I wanted to add something or change something, it wasn’t only changing on my website. I had to also change it in ten other places,” says Benita.

You can find Benita's sessions on yogapp

The key to good promotion—and helping attract a large clientele like Benita’s? Inspiring content, she advises, something that differentiates you from other teachers nearby. In other words, like a healing gong, let your best vibrations flow. It “is one step” for a student to find a teacher online, says Benita. “But once people come to you, you need to resonate somehow so that people stay with you.”

_Benita is a registered yogapp teacher._

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