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Cat Pose – Marjaryasana

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Cat pose

Cat is often considered a beginner's pose, but every yogi should do it every day. Why?

1. The spine is horizontal to the floor, ie out of gravity and therefore in the safest place to work on increasing spinal flexibility.

2. You mobilise and work an incredible 69 joints when you practice Cat.

3. The pose can be repeated endlessly in news ways by changing the focus of your practice. One day make it all about the spine; another focus on pulling the tummy up on an exhale to develop your core strength/bandha.

Cat pose head down

Do pad the knees with a blanket (not shown here) and keep the hands slightly in front of the shoulders.

Don’t over focus on the neck and lower back; try to move the mid back which is the stiffest.

Do be led by your breath. Inhale to open the front of the body and lift the gaze. Exhale to arch up.


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