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"Harvard Medical School recommends Yoga and meditation to deal with covid anxiety"

In the times of Quarantine, Yoga has become even more important for your team's mental and physical wellbeing. With Yogapp, you can show how you care about your employees by buying online Yoga classes. Start investing in your team's wellbeing now!


How Yogapp's Online Yoga Classes

Benefit Your Team 

  • Live sessions

  •  Teachers can see and correct the students

  • Certified and trusted Yoga teachers

  • Classes tailored to the need of your team

  • Class content based on latest research




Step 1

Book a free trial class for your team. The class will be taught online by Yogaapp's trusted teacher

Step 2

Circulate Yogaapp's Questionnaire to find out what days and Yoga styles work best for your team

Step 3

Follow the online class schedule and other details sent by Yogapp team. You are now ready to Namaste :)


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