Frequently asked questions students

Is yogapp's mobile app for yogis free to use?

It is free to download and use yogapp's mobile app for yogis. The charges are only for the yoga sessions you book with yoga teachers avaibale on the app.

What is the cancellation policy for sessions booked on yogapp?

Yoga teachers on yogapp offer one of the following two cancellation options on their sessions: - Cancel at any time within six days of payment - No cancellation. Once purchased, this session cannot be cancelled or refunded Please check your session details before you book, or your booking details once you have booked, to find out which of these policies applies to you.

How can I cancel my booking on yogapp?

Please log in to the mobile app then click on "My sessions", find the session you want to cancel then click "Cancel this class". Depending on the cancellation policy of the chosen session, you will be able to either cancel the session or not. Any reorganising or rearranging of sessions needs to be directly done with the yoga teacher associated with your booking. Any refunds or disputes about bookings beyond the agreed cancellation terms for the booking should be taken up directly with the yoga teacher.


Frequently asked questions teachers

Is yogapp free to use for yoga teachers?

There are no monthly fees to use yogapp teachers' web app. We charge a small commission on bookings made through yogapp.

How much commission does yogapp charge teachers?

yogapp charges 5.5% plus 25p per transaction. So, for example, if a student pays £10 for your lesson, we will deduct 80p and pay £9.20 into your account. Our commission covers payment processing so there are no additional or hidden charges. We have a special offer for yoga teachers until 31 December 2019: 3.5% plus 25p per transaction.

How may classes can teachers publish on yogapp?

Teachers can publish any number of classes on yogapp. Every class can have up to 10 sessions at any given time. Teachers can keep adding sessions to existing classes as they go along, so long as they remain under the 10 sessions per class limit at any given time.

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